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Tweet Archiver

June 2020

I use Twitter a lot to record my thoughts so I made a webtool to grab my data and organize them with tags. It's purely meant for personal scrapbooking purposes.

Made with: Gatsby, React, Redux, Bootstrap, GraphQL

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this website!

Summer 2019

I used to host my portfolio on Weebly, but I decided to rebuild all the components with React as a learning project.

Made with: Gatsby, React, Bootstrap

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Savor Saber

Fall 2018 - Present​

Art Director, Producer, and Pixel Artist/Animator for a slash and skewer adventure game about a robot feeding food to Eldritch Gods. I also designed and coded the public website!

Won both the Visual Arts and Worldbuilding Award at the 2019 UCSC Showcase.

Made with: HTML5, Bootstrap

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Okinawa Memory Initiative

Fall 2018​

Front-end Lead Programmer for a website hosting documents and articles related to Okinawan history during American military occupation. This is side website to the Gail Project.

Made with: React, Bootstrap, Django, SQLite

Typocrypha Screenshot

Null Metal Detective: Tactical Schedule Management

Spring 2018​

Artist, Programmer and Writer for a time management visual novel about an incompetent detective. It also doubles as a bullet hell game.

Featured in the 2018 Sammy Showcase.

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Harold Screenshot

Harold, they're Lesbians

Spring 2018​

Solo project. Programmer and Artist for a short endless runner about a phantom thief and police detective.

Nominated for Sonic '06 Best Runner 2018 (in-class joke award)

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Rubiks Screenshot

Rubik's Cube Teacher as AI

Fall 2017

Lead Programmer for an AI program that gives the players tips on how to solve a Rubik's cube, using behavior trees.

Made with: HTML5, Javascript

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