"Wordeatin's amazing! All my thoughts are summed up in a slice of apple pie- Why don't we use it more to help others?"

A curious child with a natural talent for wordeating. Her conservative parents had trouble comprehending this power so they have always kept at a distance. She ended up living with her aunt and eventually with Quille. A bit of a chatterbox and always eager to help others. She appears mature for her age but Seina is just sensitive to her surroundings. In doing so, she believes she won't cause discomfort, especially to her parents. At the end of the day, Seina's just a child who wants to be loved. ​Seina's more selfless with her magic, thinking it's a gift meant to improve the lives of others- as taught by her beloved aunt. She wants to prove that Wordeating isn't something unusual or scary like her parents believe. Her spells generally take form in hearty dishes (carbs), commonly bread.

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