"Words are important to me so let me save my breath."

A second year university student taking a gap year to travel around the world. He major in linguistics and originally researched under the Witch. To a stranger, Quille comes off as a reserve man of few words. In truth, he struggles in finding the appropiate words in small talk. He looks to books and writing as the alternative. Quille has low self esteem in regards to his intelligence. The university he's enrolled in is incredibly competitive and he was one who fell behind. Although he is enthusiastic about learning, he hates getting compared to others. Quille met Seina because she was under the custody of the Witch. The story starts not too long after his mentor "passed away from old age". In contrast to the Witch of Words who made abundant use of her magic, Quille prefers to save his spells for special occasions. He worries for unexpected side effects due to the general lack of knowledge around Wordeating. When he does eat, his spells take the form of sweets.

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