Seina and Quille

Genre: Puzzle, Fantasy, Cooking, Slice of Life

Far away in the land of ██████, there exists magic derived from language and thoughts. To the public, the few odd individuals who practice the art are known as Wordeaters. The Witch of Words dedicated her life to researching and recording this form of magic, working tirelessly day and night, to the unfortunate point of exhaustion. Upon her recent passing, her legacy now falls into the hands of two innocent apprentices. The story follows a curious girl and reluctant young man's one year journey around their world and the discoveries they make about "magic" and themselves. WIP that ideally will take form as a simple 4 chapter rpgmaker-styled fetch-quest game, with small crafting elements for cooking and eating "words". My goto project when I want to think about funky fresh magic systems and random worldbuilding lore.