"How did I end up in the Dragonfly division? ...Well, I got lucky."

Growing up, he dreamed of becoming a superhero that will put bad guys in their place. Too bad his ability has nothing to do with justice and all to do with luck- a power that's far too self-serving and unpredictable to give him a good reputation in the hero industry. But if you ever want to bankrupt a casino, you found the right guy. Outwardly, Seven's a laidback boy who enjoys cringe culture and ironic humor. To describe him as repressed is an understatement. He cares more about another's well being more than his own, and is quick to fake a smile or lie if the occasion calls for it. Of course, his good intentions to grin and bare all his troubles goes unappreciated by his honest friends. Seven's also got a heavy case of imposter syndrome, believing to owe any personal success to his luck, rather than any effort made on his part.

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