"Don't you think superheroes are kinda overrated? Not that my opinion matters..."

He never wanted to be a superhero. For one thing, why would anyone want to risk their life for some stranger? It's a lot more lucrative to work in tech with the companies that sells equipment to heroes instead. But for now, Aster will spend his time half stuck to a wall until he can control his intangibility powers. Aster struggles with self-image and holds a bad impression of superheroes, often thinking they're too weak and trivial. Despite that, he's in a program for heroes to help him control his powers. Though a hard worker, it's hard to take him seriously. For one thing, he really does try too hard to act "cool". Intangibility is incredibly useful as a superpower, but Aster hates it because it tends to only act up when he feels negative emotions. The thought that the organization would try to weaponize his dysphoria makes him sick.

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