Cafe in the Clouds Screenshot

Cafe in the Clouds

March 2020​, October 2020 - Present

UX and Gameplay Programmer, Writer, and Sound Designer for a point and click adventure visual novel starring two lovely dreameaters who investigate and eat away their client's troubles. Made with two other friends during the 2020 NaNoReNo Game Jam!

Has 6000+ downloads and won the Visual Arts Award at the 2020 UCSC Games Showcase.

Made with: RenPy, Clip Studio Paint

Savor Saber Screenshot

Savor Saber

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Art Director, Co-Producer, and Pixel Artist/Animator in a 12-member team for a slash and skewer adventure game about a robot feeding food to Eldritch Gods. I also designed and coded the public website!

Won both the Visual Arts and Worldbuilding Award at the 2019 UCSC Games Showcase.

Made with: Unity, Aseprite

Savor Saber Screenshot


Summer 2018 - Present​

One of the artists for an experimental Typing JRPG Visual Novel about social and cultural alienation. I draw backgrounds, clean up visual novel sprites and design various characters and enemies!

Made with: Unity, Clip Studio Paint

Typocrypha Screenshot

Null Metal Detective: Tactical Schedule Management

Spring 2018​

Artist, Programmer and Writer working with two others for a time management visual novel about an incompetent detective. It also doubles as a bullet hell game.

Featured in the 2018 Sammy Showcase.

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Harold Screenshot

Harold, they're Lesbians

Spring 2018​

Solo project. Programmer and Artist for a short endless runner about a phantom thief and police detective.

Nominated for Sonic '06 Best Runner 2018 (in-class joke award)

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Boneapp Screenshot

Bone App the Teeth

Fall 2016

Lead Artist, Programmer and Designer collaborating with one other friend for a college kitchen simulator. Based off real-life experiences (aka that one time I accidentally set frozen peas on fire).

Featured in the 2017 Sammy Showcase

Made with: Twine, Renpy

ONM Screenshot

One Night Murder

Fall 2015 - On Hold

Solo personal project. A murder mystery visual novel about what one college student and five other girls face when they wake up trapped in an empty mansion.

​There's currently an hour of gameplay that has been beta tested.

Made with: Renpy, Sai2, Photoshop, Affinity Designer

Roomba Screenshot

Escape Roomba

Summer 2018 - On Hold​

Programmer and Designer for an escape room game about two witches stuck in a hotel room. Started as a game jam project but there are plans to continue when my two friends and I have more time. Title is tentative!

Made with: Renpy

thelittlethings Screenshot

the little things

January 2019

One of the Artists and Animation Programmer for a cozy game about a tiny girl named Thimble trying to fish up her friends (Tetris-styled) after a giant flood.

An entry for the Global Game Jam where the theme was Home.

Made with: Unity, Sai2

ChaosCooking Screenshot

Chaos Cooking

October 2018

An Artist and Designer for a card game where 4 players (playing as super-villains) work together to make the most evil dinner possible! The goal is to grab and combine ingredient cards to create cursed recipes, scoring Evil Points as a result. But if all else fails, just make some Soup.

​An entry for the Garden Game Jam where the theme was Better Together.

Made with: the magic of paper and markers

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