Savor Saber Screenshot

Savor Saber

Fall 2018 - Present​

Art Director, Producer, and Pixel Artist/Animator for a slash and skewer adventure game about a robot feeding food to Eldritch Gods. I also designed and coded the public website!

Won both the Visual Arts and Worldbuilding Award at the 2019 UCSC Showcase.

Made with: Unity, Asesprite

Savor Saber Screenshot


Summer 2018 - Present​

One of the artists for an experimental Typing JRPG Visual Novel about social and cultural alienation. I draw backgrounds, clean up visual novel sprites and design various characters and enemies!

Made with: Unity, Clip Studio Paint

Typocrypha Screenshot

Null Metal Detective: Tactical Schedule Management

Spring 2018​

Artist, Programmer and Writer for a time management visual novel about an incompetent detective. It also doubles as a bullet hell game.

Featured in the 2018 Sammy Showcase.

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Harold Screenshot

Harold, they're Lesbians

Spring 2018​

Solo project. Programmer and Artist for a short endless runner about a phantom thief and police detective.

Nominated for Sonic '06 Best Runner 2018 (in-class joke award)

Made with: Phaser, Javascript

Boneapp Screenshot

Bone App the Teeth

Fall 2016

Lead Artist, Programmer and Designer for a college kitchen simulator. Based off real-life experiences (aka that one time I accidentally set frozen peas on fire).

Featured in the 2017 Sammy Showcase

Made with: Twine, Renpy

ONM Screenshot

One Night Murder

Fall 2015 - On Hold

Solo personal project. A murder mystery visual novel about what one college student and five other girls face when they wake up trapped in an empty mansion.

​There's currently an hour of gameplay that has been beta tested.

Made with: Renpy, Sai2, Photoshop, Affinity Designer

Roomba Screenshot

Escape Roomba

Summer 2018 - On Hold​

Programmer and Designer for an escape room game about two witches stuck in a hotel room. Started as a game jam project but there are plans to continue when my two friends and I have more time. Title is tentative!

Made with: Renpy

thelittlethings Screenshot

the little things

January 2019

One of the Artists and Animation Programmer for a cozy game about a tiny girl named Thimble trying to fish up her friends (Tetris-styled) after a giant flood.

An entry for the Global Game Jam where the theme was Home.

Made with: Unity, Sai2

ChaosCooking Screenshot

Chaos Cooking

October 2018

An Artist and Designer for a card game where 4 players (playing as super-villains) work together to make the most evil dinner possible! The goal is to grab and combine ingredient cards to create cursed recipes, scoring Evil Points as a result. But if all else fails, just make some Soup.

​An entry for the Garden Game Jam where the theme was Better Together.

Made with: the magic of paper and markers