Hey there, I'm a recent graduate at University of California, Santa Cruz with a double major in Computer Science B.S. and Computer Game Design B.S. I use to work part time at LEEPS Lab, programming interactive web applications for econ experiments that dealt with game theory and discrete choices. Now I'm looking to get a full time job in web development and work with more cool modern tools!

"Wait, web development? Then why did you also major in game design?" Long story short, that was a happy accident. I've kept a love for the arts since I was a fetus and self taught myself digital art around middle school. Eventually, game design became a hobby that allowed me to dual-wield both passions, and my college just happened to have a really good program! So on the side, I'm also the Co-producer and Art Director for the game, SAVOR SABER.

Aside from drawing and coding, I enjoy watching performing arts, traveling, and learning new languages!

Thanks for taking your time to check this out!